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Section 2: Your Connect Toolkit

This section is designed to help you learn about what you can do with your level of access in Connect. Start at the top and work your way down until you come to tools that are no longer relevant to you.

1) Basic volunteer accounts can make calls, canvass, and do data entry

2) Activist users can organise canvassing, leaflet delivery, and print letters and labels. They can also update volunteer records

3) Senior Activists can create their own survey questions, forms and scripts and customise Connect in other ways

4) Campaign Coordinators can create very basic user accounts for new volunteers and upload data, like postal voter lists from the council

1. Phone Calling, Canvassing, and Data Entry Volunteer

The main focus during any campaign is to speak to as many voters as possible. Volunteers are key for helping us to contact these voters by making phone calls, going canvassing, and delivering leaflets. Basic volunteer accounts can also do data entry for those times when data has been collected on paper canvass cards, surveys or petitions.

2. Activist Users - Managing Canvassing, Delivery and Volunteers

In addition to everything a basic volunteer can do, Activist users can create lists for canvassing and send the results to the MiniVAN app, or create a phone bank, or print a list of voters. They can also create walks for delivery in Walk Manager and help manage the volunteers in their area.

Organising your Delivery

Making Lists

Organising your Canvassing

Managing a Phone Bank

My Campaign

Managing Volunteers

Printing Letters and Labels

3. Senior Activists

Senior Activists have all the same abilities as Activist users with the additional abilities of managing walking canvasses and phone banks on the My Voters side of the database. Having good conversations with voters is imperative to get our message out and build relationships with our voters. These guides will demonstrate how to best contact voters, members, and volunteers in your constituency in the most meaningful way possible.

Reports and Stats

Customising Connect

4. Campaign Coordinator

Campaign Coordinator have all the abilities that Senior Activists have, with the additional ability to create user accounts and bulk upload postal voter data.

Adding User Accounts

Bulk Uploads

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