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Connect - 2. Overviews

This course will go over some of the key concepts used in Connect. 

Download all of the Section 2 Quick Sheets in a single PDF file. 

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2.1 Questions and tags

Connect can store a lot of different data. Two of the main ways for storing data are using "Questions" and "Tags".


Questions are how we store canvassing data. We can record the different questions we ask on the phone, doorstep or in surveys. You can create your own local questions or there are a series of standard national Voter ID questions.

The standard national Voter ID questions we use are:

  • Usual Party ID - 'Which party do you usually support?'
  • General Election Canvass - 'Which party will you vote for at the General Election?'
  • Local Election Canvass - 'Which party will you vote for in the Local Elections?'
  • European Canvass - 'Which party will you vote for in the European Elections?'

These questions are all used on the standard national scripts and canvass cards.

Questions allow you to have multiple possible responses to a question. However, you can only apply one question response to a person at a time.


Tags are used to apply different attributes to people - for example 'Elderly', 'Parent', etc. - where people either have that attribute or do not.

All Tags are created nationally and used across the country.

Click here for a Quick Sheet with more information on Questions and Tags.

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