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Contact Jeremy & help us #ExitFromBrexit

The Labour party's votes on Wednesday will be critical. If they back our amendment giving the public a chance to #ExitFromBrexit then we can pass it. If they don't, it almost certainly fails. Find out how you can help persuade Labour to do the right thing here:

By , Dec 19, 2017 9:12

Jeremy Corbyn

Tomorrow evening (Wednesday 20th), MPs will be voting on amendment 120 to the EU Withdrawal Bill – an amendment that would guarantee you the final say on Brexit, with a chance to remain if you preferred.

But there’s one person who can decide if the amendment passes or fails tomorrow: Jeremy Corbyn.

If he whips his MPs to back it, we will almost certainly pass it. If he whips his MPs to vote against, the amendment will fail.

Ahead of tomorrow’s vote, will you contact Jeremy Corbyn and ask him to back amendment 120?

Email him

Tweet him

This is what we’re asking you to tweet or email:

“Dear Jeremy Corbyn, Brexit is a decision that will affect us all. I believe the public deserve the final say on the deal. Please ask your MPs to back amendment 120 to the EU Withdrawal Bill to give the public the final say.”

If the link above doesn’t work, you can email him at

Over the weekend, a number of Labour politicians suggested they were going to abstain on this amendment.

But if we raise our voices loud enough, perhaps we can persuade them to change their minds and make it even harder for the Conservatives to deliver a no-deal Brexit.

So please, contact Jeremy today:

Email him

Tweet him

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