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Tell Jeremy Corbyn: Keep us in the Single Market

Today's vote on the Single Market is critical - and how Jeremy Corbyn & his MPs vote will decide the day. Contact them now and ask them to do the right thing:

By , Dec 12, 2017 11:12

Jeremy Corbyn.

Today the House of Commons MPs will be voting on the first of our amendments to the EU Withdrawal Bill – an amendment that would protect our membership of the Single Market.

This is so important. People’s jobs and livelihoods depend on us staying in, and today’s vote could force the Government to do the right thing and protect them in "phase 2" of the Brexit negotiations.

But there’s one person who can decide if this passes or fails tomorrow. Jeremy Corbyn.

If he whips his MPs to back it, we will almost certainly pass it. If he whips his MPs to vote against, the amendment will fail.

Ahead of today’s vote, will you contact Jeremy Corbyn and ask him to back the amendment?

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This is what we’re asking you to tweet or email:

“Dear Jeremy Corbyn, please ask your MPs to back amendment 124 to the EU Withdrawal Bill and keep us in the Single Market.”

The Labour leadership's position on Brexit has been clear as mud.

And in the House of Commons, they have repeatedly voted against Britain staying in the Single Market & Customs Union.

But tomorrow, for the sake of our economy and people’s lives and livelihoods, we need them to do the right thing.

So please, contact Jeremy today:

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