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Copying New Volunteers to My Campaign

It is important for the list of voters that indicate that they would be interested in helping your campaign to be moved over to the My Campaign side of the database where all volunteer management is done. The national Volunteer Status question is the one we recommend searching on to make a list of those worth adding to MyCampaign, however if there are others that you'd like to move in bulk then you can do that too.

1. Begin on the My Voters database

2. Create a List of your My Voter contacts that have been ID’d as potential volunteers

a. Pull up your list of your potential volunteers on the My Voters database:

i. Go into Create a list
ii. Go to the Question section and select the relevant questions
iii. Scroll down to the My Campaign Record section and select No My Campaign File Record 
iv. Run your Search

3. Your list of contacts not linked to the My Campaign

a. This list will include all the people that are not currently contacts of your campaign.

b. Click on the Copy icon to copy these voter records to the My Campaign side of the database.

4. Approve the upload

Go to the My Campaign bulk upload by clicking the Work On My Existing File link. You will be asked to approve the fields to copy across. Simply click Finish to complete the process.