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A 'jobs first approach to Brexit’ is a meaningless soundbite

The Conservatives are making an absolute dog's breakfast of Brexit - and Labour need to show some backbone and work with us to force them to change course.

By , Feb 26, 2018 8:02

Jeremy Corbyn

The Conservatives are making a mess of Brexit and Jeremy Corbyn now needs to show some strength and change course.

‘A jobs-first approach to Brexit’ is a dangerous, meaningless and totally undeliverable soundbite with Britain out of the single market.

The damage leaving the single market and customs union will do to our economy poses a real risk to the NHS and public services. Corbyn needs to listen to those in his party who are calling for him to change direction.

If Jeremy Corbyn carries on down this path of ‘having your cake and eating it’, it would be another betrayal to those who believe that strong public services have to be underpinned by a strong economy, and Britain staying in the single market and customs union is crucial to that.

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