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7 times Labour let down Remainers on Brexit

As Jeremy Corbyn positions himself as ‘neutral’ on the most pressing political issue facing us in recent history, we look back at just some of the times the Labour leadership have failed on Brexit.

By @thomasbrake, Sep 25, 2019 9:09

1. Corbyn’s campaigning

To say Jeremy Corbyn’s campaigning efforts in the 2016 EU referendum were lacklustre would be putting it very generously.

Despite certain Labour figures claiming that they were a ‘Remain party’, voters were kept in the dark about their real stance, with Corbyn famously labelling his enthusiasm for staying in the EU as a “seven, or seven and a half out of 10”.

2. Labour peddling their own Brexit nonsense

At their 2017 Spring conference, Labour’s election manifesto boasted a ‘jobs-first Brexit’.

Knowing full well that there was no form of Brexit that could benefit the country, this was yet more proof that the party had turned its back on its Remain voters.

3. Letting the government off the hook

There were 10 votes on the EU (Withdrawal) Bill in 2017 and 2018 in which the Labour party abstained.

With Labour sitting on their hands, the Conservative government has free rein to plunge us into more Brexit chaos.

4. Constantly aligning with the Tories’ Brexiteer policies

As well as abstaining in 23 key votes on Brexit, Labour actually voted with the Tory government on six occasions, clearly happy to push ahead with their dangerous Breit plans.

5. Blocking a People’s Vote (again)

In March 2019, Labour instructed its Parliamentarians to abstain in a vote for a second referendum, which would have given people the final say on Brexit. Once again, Corbyn was letting the Tories off the hook.

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6. Seeking a Labour Brexit deal

In a recent piece in The Guardian, Jeremy Corbyn says he will seek a ‘sensible Labour Brexit deal’.

Whether Tory Blue or Labour Red, there is no form of Brexit that will be good for the country. Britain is better off in the EU.

7. Failing to take a position at Conference 

Labour Remainers might have hoped for some clarity on their party's Brexit position at Conference. Sadly not. 

Instead, Corbyn's lack of leadership on the biggest issue of the day was glaringly apparent. The Labour Leader will not commit his party to campaigning for remaining in the E.U. in the event of a People's Vote. Instead his focus is on securing his bogus, unicorn Brexit deal after a General Election, after which he may decide on a position. 

Remainers deserve real opposition to Boris Johnson and his reckless Brexit plans - that's the Liberal Democrats. 

It’s clear that despite Jeremy Corbyn’s attempts to mislead the public, he is leading a party of Brexit.

Remainers deserve better. The Liberal Democrats are the biggest, strongest party of Remain. We are leading the fight to stop Brexit and for Britain to lead from within the EU.

A vote for the Liberal Democrats is a vote for a brighter future.

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