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Business Day

 Business Day: Monday 17 September 2018


 Join us for our business events programme in Brighton at the 2018 Liberal Democrat Autumn Conference.

 Be part of the policy discussion alongside other senior business leaders.

Lunch Package Day Passes
Lunch Package Full Pass Charity/LDBEN Pass
£60 + VAT
£250 + VAT
£187.50 + VAT
  Business Lunch
Business Lunch
  Business Briefing
Business Briefing
  Business Reception
Business Reception
  Policy Summits
Policy Summits

As an essential part of our policy-making process, Conference is an invaluable opportunity to add your voice to the debate especially in such an extraordinary time in British politics. Building on last year's popular format, we are bringing together a package of events to increase dialogue between the Party and the business community.

The Brexit being negotiated by Theresa May and her Conservative government is putting this bright future for the United Kingdom at risk.

The Liberal Democrats are the only major political party with a clear position on Brexit, who can develop radical solutions to the domestic crises that the Conservatives are not dealing with: putting a penny in the pound on income tax to properly fund our NHS; and creating a new deal for a younger generation locked out of the housing market, where local and national governments get houses built using compulsory purchase powers and publicly owned land.

Join us to discuss next steps and our role in the next stage of progressive politics. We hope you’ll be part of the conversation.

By purchasing a Business Pass, you will have the opportunity to attend a range of business-oriented events including:

Business Briefing - an opportunity to have in-depth discussions on the most pressing political issues facing Britain today, with senior Party figures

Business Lunch - an opportunity to network with other Business Day attendees and hear from senior Party figures

Business Reception - join key Liberal Democrats and business leaders for a networking opportunity and speeches from senior parliamentarians on Monday evening

Policy summits - your Business Pass will also give you access to several roundtable policy discussions, across a number of industries

If you have any questions, or would like to inquire about sponsorship opportunities, please contact Joanne Rozeik via email or on 020 7227 1350.

Be Part of the Conversation. Come to Conference. 

Please note that all Business Day events tickets are non-refundable. If you are no longer able to attend you may apply to transfer the name of the guest if that person is also registered for a valid Commercial Observer conference pass.