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Being a Councillor

As a Liberal Democrat councillor you will:

  • Listen to local residents
  • Speak up for your area
  • Protect your patch
  • Be a voice in the Town Hall
  • Join a team
  • Develop your talent

Every council and councillor is different but there are certain things that we look for in future councillors:

  • A passion for your local community and the city, town or village in which you live.
  • Being prepared to put in the necessary time needed to campaign to win the seat, attend council meetings and work within the ward.  This will vary depending on the nature of the ward, council and size of the party locally.
  • Enjoy working with other people and as part of a team and find helping others rewarding.
  • Experience from your own life to the party and the council group, whether that’s professional, personal or from other organisations.
  • People who feel comfortable communicating with other people whether this is in person, on the phone or email.
  • Experience of using council services – you wouldn’t be expected to have experience of every one, but if you don’t use them at all how do you know if they’re working?
  • Be of any age, gender, ethnicity or background.  Everyone brings different knowledge, experience and outlook on life.
  • A desire to help support and advance the cause of the Liberal Democrats in your area.

Find out what's involved in being a Lib Dem Councillor here.