Liberal Democrats

Doorstep campaigning and COVID19

Advice for Liberal Democrat campaigners

Please click here to find our latest advice on whether doorstep campaigning is appropriate where you are; the advice listed on this page (below) only applies where doorstep campaigning is permitted and should not be read in isolation.

Key Principles

  • Government advice should always be adhered to and local advice should be taken into particular account.
  • The health and safety of everyone involved must always come first.
  • Doorstep activity should only be restarted when you are satisfied it is safe.


  • Encourage anyone going door to door to wash and sanitise their hands as often as possible.
  • Sanitiser should be provided and used regularly.
  • Door-knockers should use their own equipment and not hand it to the public.
  • Use of shared equipment within teams should be avoided but if absolutely necessary should be cleaned regularly.

Social Distancing

  • Government advice must be adhered to (2m distance in Scotland, Wales and NI or 2m but 1m with mitigation in England).
  • We should avoid door-knocking in locations like residential complexes, flats and alleys where social distancing is not possible.
  • If you knock on a person’s door, you should then move at least two metres away from the door.
  • Do not shout or talk loudly as the risk of spread increases.
  • It is a Lib Dem volunteer’s responsibility to maintain distance as individual members of the public may behave unpredictably and with differing responses to the COVID situation.
  • Volunteers should always give way to the public.

Collecting data & handing over items

  • Wherever possible follow up should be by phone, email or post to minimise the number of things that need to be handed over. Always ask for an email address and phone number for this purpose.
  • It is usually our standard practice to hand over a calling leaflet that contains our Fair Processing Notice (FPN) and link to our Privacy Policy. For GDPR reasons a leaflet should still be provided but it should be left (e.g. on a doorstep or through a letterbox) before or after a conversation to minimise proximity to residents. Volunteers should make clear that they need to leave one for data protection purposes.
  • If anything needs to be handed directly to the public, hand sanitiser should be offered.

Respect for individual residents

  • Be aware more people than normal are experiencing grief or financial hardship and be sensitive to this.
  • Many will be anxious so you should check an individual is happy to talk.

Safety for staff and volunteers

  • All door-knockers should be trained virtually in advance - important they are confident.
  • Door to door teams should be limited to 4 people and they should try not to mix and match teams.
  • We encourage people to walk and cycle or use private transport to get to location to avoid public transport.
  • Each volunteer should use MiniVAN with an account in their own name. Please keep a list and contact details of people in your team. That way we have a record of contacts with the public in order to assist NHS Test and Trace if required.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • We do not require PPE for door to door campaigning provided people adhere to social distancing (see above) however activists should make their own decision about whether this would be appropriate in their area.
  • Activists will need to wear masks in enclosed spaces or on public transport, and should be aware that rules on what is an acceptable face covering differ between the UK nations.

Respecting our members and supporters

Not all of our usual members and volunteers will want to immediately return to doorstep campaigning or leaflet delivery and we should respect this.

A range of “behind the scenes” administrative work for the party available, for example helping enter data and database maintenance etc.

If you would like to join our team of national data entry volunteers, focusing on entering marked registers, please email [email protected].

Online training is being provided and members can find it here.