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Activism advice to Liberal Democrat members and supporters

This page contains the most up to date advice for Liberal Democrat members and supporters about party activity in light of Covid 19.

This page will be regularly updated in line with Government and professional guidance. Please share this link with other party members and supporters and check it regularly to make sure you are basing your advice on the most up to date version.

This page was last updated: 1700, 13 October 2020

General Principles

Here are some general principles we are asking members to respect during the ongoing COVID19 situation.


    Please follow official NHS and Government advice at all times in relation to any party activity you may consider undertaking. Members should feel under no obligation to participate in any party activity, especially where they are concerned it may pose a risk to themselves or others.


    The UK Government is now identifying alert levels and corresponding restrictions in a tiered way in England. The Devolved Governments have also introduced relevant restrictions. Please respect any specific requirements in your local area.


    As trusted local campaigners, Liberal Democrats have a role in signposting to official sources of advice and help, and promoting strong safeguards within community organisations. We have designed a separate online resource ( that is designed to be shared with the general public as a resource bank for safe community organising.


    In line with social distancing, Local Parties should continue to move their meetings to online events. An online video conferencing tool like Zoom is free for small-scale use.

    For advice on moving party activities to online channels, and the opportunity to share best practice, please go to the Lib Dem Digital Campaigning Forum on Facebook.

    Further guidance is being provided by the Membership Team at LDHQ on how to conduct your Local Party AGM via an online meeting tool. We expect advice on this to be released by the end of September.

    Similarly ALDC provides advice for Council Group Meetings and Council Group AGMs.

Specific Campaign Advice

Subject to local lockdown rules, it is now possible to resume many aspects of normal campaigning activity, provided it is done sensitively and in line with NHS guidance. Relevant medical advice is as follows:-

Advice for England can be found here.
Advice for Scotland can be found here.
Advice for Wales can be found here.

Delivery of print materials

Members and supporters in England, Scotland and Wales can choose to deliver print material if they feel it is appropriate in their area. Please consider carefully what is suitable content for literature in the current context. Please also remember to ensure that anyone delivering material follows health guidelines, including washing hands before and after leafleting and using hand sanitiser part way through any lengthy delivery session.

Telephone calling

Members can undertake telephone activity. As always, please respect TPS and GDPR requirements. If encountering people in need of help due to COVID19, have due regard to safeguarding, referring them to official sources of help.

Doorstep and outdoor campaigning

With effect from Monday 7th September, members and supporters in England, Scotland and Wales can choose to carry out doorstep and outdoor campaigning if they feel it is appropriate in their area. Please note that this is subject to any local lockdown rules that are in place in your area.

If planning or undertaking doorstep campaigning, please read our full advice page here.

We have based this advice on independent advice commissioned by the Institute of Fundraising and the Fundraising Regulator, who have concluded that doorstep activity is acceptable if carried out in a safe manner. You can read their full report here.

Respecting our members and supporters

Not all of our usual members and volunteers will want to immediately return to doorstep campaigning or leaflet delivery and we should respect this.

A range of “behind the scenes” administrative work for the party available, for example helping enter data and database maintenance etc.

If you would like to join our team of national data entry volunteers, focusing on entering marked registers, please email

Online training is being provided and members can find it here.


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