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Creating Questions

Questions are used when there are various possible answers to a question. For example, when canvassing, we are tracking who a voter plans to support. This can change over time so we want to be able to track what they said and when. The great thing about Questions is that they indicate when a response has been applied to a record so that you can track what answer was most recently applied. This way, you can track who may have been marked as a Labour supporter in the past but are now supporting the Lib Dems.

This guide will show you how to add a Question to Connect for use for local canvassing. You may wish to create questions on local issues or particular local elections. You can then use these questions in your own local scripts and forms. You can find the Questions section in the lower left hand menu of the Main Menu screen, in the ‘Tags • Questions • Scripts’ section.


Creating a Question

Most Questions that you will need have been created centrally. This means that all your data can be reported on centrally, improving your reporting and data accuracy.


Question list

1. Choose the My Voters or My Campaign database

○ There are different Questions on the My Voters than on the My Campaign side of the database.
○ Make sure to select the correct database to search for or create a new Question.


2. Access the Questions

○ You can access the Question List from the lower left hand menu on the Main Menu screen. In ‘Tags • Questions • Scripts’
○ Click ‘Questions’.

3. Finding Questions

○ Here you can use filters or the search box to find a particular question.
○ Click the Refresh box to display the results of your search.
○ The Question name will display a the bottom of this page.

4. Editing Questions

○ The name of the Question and the text will appear at the bottom of the page.
○ Click on the name of the question to edit it.
○ Note that you cannot edit questions created by someone else that is not in your organisation.
○ Questions can be shared with My Campaign. If shared, they will be listed as ‘Both’ in this column.

5. Creating a New Question

○ Click the ‘New Question’ button to create a new question.
○ Begin by entering the year that the question applies to and choose what type of question it is. You must give the Question a Long, Medium and Short name.
○ Now write the wording for the Question out in full.
○ Click ‘Save’ to create the question.


6. Adding Responses

○ Once you have created your Question, you will need to add all the possible answers.
○ A section appears below the question settings where you can add the Responses.
○ Type the response in the first box. The Medium and Short responses will automatically fill, though you can edit them to avoid ambiguity.
○ Once you have clicked Add the new answer will appear in the list.
○ You can do this repeatedly for all the answers you need.
○ You can then edit individual answers or reorder them by clicking on the arrows. The order set here is the order they will appear in which they will appear in scripts and data entry screens.


Sharing Questions

You may wish to make your question available to a neighbouring Party Organisation.

If for example, you wish to create a standard local election question for a council that spans multiple Parliamentary Constituencies, you will need to share that question with all the Party Organisations.

To share a question, in right hand box of the Party Organisation Access section, simply click the name of the organisation you wish to share it with and click ‘Add’. If you have created a volunteer question, you may wish for it to be available in My Campaign as well as My Voters. This will make the responses to the question given in My Voters visible on any linked My Campaign records. To share with My Campaign, in the ‘My Campaign Access’ section, click on ‘Real Mode’ and click ‘Add’.


Master Questions and Canvass Analysis

If you create a local Party or Candidate question, in most cases you will want this to affect the Master Party ID and Canvass Analysis. This will not happen automatically. To get your question updated, please send an email to [email protected] with the name of the Question.

A Regional or National Administrator will then make your question correctly affect the relevant Master Question and/or Canvass Analysis. There are several Master Questions, including Party ID, 2nd Pref Party and Important Issues. There is no need to delay entering your canvass results. Any changes to how a question affects Master Party ID and Canvass Analysis will retrospectively affect all answers to the Question.

Please note that it will take overnight for new entered or newly mapped data to appear in the Master Question.