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Cutting Knock Up Turfs

Using Turfcutter

Some polling districts have a large number of houses, some homes are very spread out, and some are set up in a way that is confusing; all of these can make for a difficult canvass for your volunteers. The TurfCutter tool allows you to create tailored lists for your volunteers that target individuals by a specific region, rather than just by polling district.

Using the distributed canvassing tool allows you to save one large list as a saved search and then to send the list to the distributed canvassing tool where it will assign nearby houses to door canvassers automatically. This makes your life as an organiser much easier! However, if you do need to generate the list from scratch and send it manually to MiniVAN or to create canvass cards, then turf cutter is the way to do it.


1. Begin on the My Voters database

● The My Voters database is where you will find all registered voters for your constituency.


2. Access your List

a) You can begin by creating a list from scratch.
i) For information on how to create a list for talking to voters, take a look at our guide on creating lists.
b) From the My List page, click on the Cut Turf icon.


3. Go to Turf Cutter

● On the Turf Cutter page, use the plus (+) symbol to zoom in and the minus (-) symbol to zoom out, or you can use the slider control for zooming.



4. Select your View

● From the menu, select how you want to view households by selecting the images of People, Doors, or Both.



5. Create Turfs

a) To start creating your first Turf, click on the map to choose a place to start, then outline the area you want to select by clicking your mouse at various points around the area.
b) Continue clicking points to draw the geographical limits of the group you want to apply to the Turf. This allows you to select voters who are part of your list by drawing around an area on the map.
c) Create your turf area by clicking on the first dot you had created. This will close off the turf.
d) The people inside each boundary will become your new list once saved.



6. Continue defining all the turfs

a) You can create up to 30 Turfs, or sets of voters, for one list.

7. Click Save.



8. Editing your Turfs

a) If you want to undo your most recent action, click the Undo button.

b) You can erase all your work by clicking on the eraser.
c) To delete your current Turf, highlight it in the Legend box and click the Dustbin symbol. This will clear your highlighted Turf.


9. Generate your Lists!

● When finished, click Save & Finish.
Save your list into a folder, give it a name and a description.


10. You can retrieve your list of turfs at any point by accessing the MyTurfs page, from the Main Menu of the My Voters side of the database.

From this tool, you can send your lists to the printer or send them to MiniVAN for canvassing.