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Deactivating and Reactivating Accounts

Deactivating Accounts

It is always a best practice to set expiry dates when creating new accounts for lower-level users. However, teams are always changing and it is important for data security and accountability reasons to keep your active accounts up-to-date and to deactivate anyone that no longer needs access.

Search your Users

Search for your active accounts from the Users page by selecting Active from the Status drop-down menu.
Click Refresh Results you will be able to see all the active accounts for your constituency.

Identify Inactive users

Take a close look at the list and identify the users that no longer need access.

Deactivate Inactive Users

Enter the user profile of any user that is no longer active and select the Deactivate button.


Reactivating an Account

If a team member needs access to the database and their account has been deactivated by mistake, they can easily be reactivated by looking up their account in the Users tool.

Go to the User Accounts

Look up the user in the User Account tool

Search Inactive Accounts

You can search for inactive accounts from the Users page by selecting Inactive from the Status drop-down menu.
Once you click Refresh Results you will be able to see all the expired accounts for your riding.

Reactive the User

Click on the account you would like to reactivate and on the User Profile page, set the Status to “Active” in the upper right-hand side of the page and set a new expiry date.

Send a Reset Email

After you click Save, send your volunteer a password reset email so that they can access their account.