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Latest update from the Federal Communications and Elections Committee Chair

By Lisa Smart, Mar 30, 2021 3:03

A group of Liberal Democrat Campaigners

FCEC met last week, immediately after conference and for the final time before the run-in to May elections.

In short, from now to Thursday 8th April, the nominations of thousands of Liberal Democrat candidates are being collected and submitted to local councils across the UK in the biggest round of elections in recent years.

FCEC wishes good fortune to every one of you who is standing and ensuring that everyone in England, Scotland and Wales has at least one opportunity to vote Liberal Democrat this May.

Delivering the right message, at the right time, to the right person

For our part we are learning the lessons of 2019 and, following a significant piece of work looking at how people respond to our messaging, we are developing campaigns promoting those of our policies that will attract more voters to our cause, whilst continuing to champion the causes for which we are already known.

This does not mean that we stop saying what we believe, it just means that we say more about the things we believe that will encourage more people to vote for us.

Equipping you with the best tools

The problems we have faced with IT Systems were discussed and whilst things will not be perfect for May, there have been significant improvements. 

Discussion around how we support local teams with suitable systems is ongoing and consultations with party members and bodies are under way.

Tiering of local parties

The tiering of local parties will be reviewed following the local elections and any changes will be agreed by July. 

The tiering of seats is a qualitative assessment of the electoral success of local parties. It will be reviewed each year after the local elections and is the foundation on which our local, regional and federal development plans are built.

We discussed and agreed that, if a seat is being moved into or out of Tier 1 there will be consultation with the Regional Party and clear communications with the local team.


This close to polling day, what really matters is more campaigning.

I have been particularly pleased, with restrictions easing near me (always check your local advice) to be able to get back out knocking on doors. Meeting the public really works. 

The doorsteps await!

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