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Dr Carol Weaver

Rutland and Melton

Dr Carol has lived in either Rutland or Leicestershire for the last sixteen years and enjoys walking with family and dogs in the lovely countryside. Rutland and Melton constituency consists of several small market towns, many villages and a wide expanse of rural areas. It is known for its farms, its Stilton and pork pies, its leisure facilities and wildlife (including at Rutland Water), its boarding schools and many small and medium sized enterprises as well as larger ones.

Other than remaining in the European Union, Carol cares strongly about the environment & the planet, the NHS (including mental health and social care), education (including special needs and universities) and also human rights. As a country she is afraid that we are losing our Liberal values and our caring attitude towards others, in part due to the anxiety and powerlessness felt by most people in the current climate.

Dr Carol feels that we are losing respect around the world and that we need a pragmatic and sensible party such as ours to stop the nonsense currently prevailing. She says, “Our party believes in integrity, transparency, the rule of law and the need to reform the system and bring back trust. Let’s bring an end to the current political extremism.

“If elected I shall do my best to serve all the people of Rutland and Melton regardless of their political views. It is not about ‘winner takes all’ but ‘winner cares about all’.”

Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @carolkibworth

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