Britain's future is at stake.

Entrepreneurs like a challenge.

Will you challenge the status quo?

Are we an inward-looking, nationalist and exclusive country?

Or an outward-looking, internationalist and open country?

The Conservatives and Labour have voted with UKIP for the former.

The Liberal Democrats passionately believe in the latter.

Lib Dems recognise the crucial role of entrepreneurship in the job creation, innovation and productivity improvements fundamental to Britain's economic success.

Vince Cable MP, Leader of the Liberal Democrats

Why join the Entrepreneurs Network?

To deliver our plan for the future, we need visionary entrepreneurs like you to help us:

  • Develop policies that will create a free, liberal and green economy.
  • Boost our skills and resources so we can communicate effectively.
  • Raise funds for on-the-ground campaigning, so we can shape the political agenda.

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Join the Liberal Democrat Entrepreneurs network today and you'll get...

  • The opportunity to get involved with the Liberal Democrats and support the party practically and financially.
  • A minimum of four networking events with senior Liberal Democrats, leading entrepreneurs and other Network members.
  • Opportunities to debate policy with senior party policy makers and parliamentarians within the party
  • Opportunities to feed into party responses to government legistation and invitations to other ad hoc business-related party events throughout the year.

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Invitation to networking events with senior Liberal Democrat politicians, leading entrepreneurs and other Network members.

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Invitation to networking events with senior Liberal Democrat politicians, leading entrepreneurs and other Network members.

Opportunities to debate policy and engage with the development of party business policy with relevant spokespeople and party advisors.

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What we stand for

Our policies to promote entrepreneurship in the UK are set out in our document “Time for Change” published during the recent General Election. It commits the Liberal Democrats to being the only party:

  • Committed to a free-market economy in which individual endeavour is rewarded.
  • Creating a tax system which encourages enterprise and in which everyone pays their fair share.
  • Challenging corporate power and monopolies.
  • Providing the physical and digital infrastructure necessary for success.
  • Demanding that we all have final say on the Brexit deal that will shape our country’s future, including the option to remain.
  • To read more about our ideas to promote entrepreneurship in the UK click here:

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Key recommendations include:

  • Campaigning to remain.
  • Demand that the British people get the final say on any Brexit deal.
  • Fight to remain in the Single Market and the Customs Union.
  • Prioritise start-ups, tech businesses and entrepreneurs in any Brexit negotiations, and seek ways to open up new, progressive markets elsewhere.
  • Invest in training the skilled workforce that’s necessary for growth.
  • Guarantee the rights of EU workers to live and work in Britain, allowing high-skilled workers into Britain with a minimum six-month visa.
  • Treat broadband as a ‘fourth utility’ by installing hyper-fast, fibre optic broadband across the UK.
  • Respond to increasing automation by actively investing in labour markets which will continue to require high levels of human input in future.
  • Ensure that any Apprenticeship Levy money is actually spent on education and training, rather than serving as a payroll tax.
  • Expect all 16-18-year-olds to study maths, as in many other countries, while championing arts and digital education.
  • Overhaul business rates, taxes and reliefs, through a review led by Vince Cable.
  • Create a £100 per week start-up allowance for up to 26 weeks and increase access to affordable capital for entrepreneurs and SMEs.
  • Ensure that the curriculum nurtures computing, coding, and machine architecture skills, and provides general education about what technology is available and how it can be applied.

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Why entrepreneurs should support the Liberal Democrats

We are the only party fighting to keep Britain in the European Single Market.

We base our policies on an economy in which individual endeavor is rewarded; on a tax system that encourages enterprise; on a country where everyone pays their fair share.

We are bold enough to challenge the corporate powers and monopolies that hinder free enterprise.

We develop the physical and digital infrastructures necessary for success, nurturing an open market of skills, goods, labour and services, promoting competition and the best possible performance.

"Being part of the LDEN means you can make a real difference. The roundtable discussions often directly influence party policy.”

Tilly McAuliffe
Founder, Think Publishing, and co-chair, Lib Dems Entrepreneurs Network

We are committed to economic stability, as we demonstrated during the Coalition, which is widely considered the most successful government in recent years, at the most challenging of times.

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What is the Entrepreneurs Network?

The LDEN movement brings together entrepreneurs, investors and advisers who share our vision of entrepreneurial success in a progressive Britain.

The network meets regularly with parliamentarians, senior Lib Dems, economists and experts to discuss a wide variety of business-related subjects.

These events are places to exchange ideas, where we can network and pool our resources, to shape policy and influence the modern world.

Some of our entrepreneurs are paid-up party members but many are not, and we continue to welcome non-members who share our values.

“For me, the Lib Dems embody everything that characterises the entrepreneurial spirit of change.”

Anthony Harris
Entrepreneur, business angel and co-chair, Lib Dems Entrepreneurs Network

In the past year, LDEN members have:

  • Met with senior Lib Dems to help shape the party’s response to Brexit and its broader policies on the economy, taxation and housing.
  • Used their skills and knowledge in areas such as digital marketing and campaigning to aid the party’s electoral revival.
  • Helped to raise £3.4 million in campaign funding.

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