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EU prime ministers back Lib Dem call for a vote on any Brexit deal

Liberal prime ministers from eight EU countries have publicly backed the Liberal Democrats call for the British public to have a vote on the final Brexit deal.

By , Mar 22, 2018 3:03

Following a working lunch between myself and European Liberal Prime Ministers in Brussels, we have issued a joint statement.

In that statement, the Prime Ministers said:

“We regret Brexit, but acknowledge the choice made by British voters for the UK Government to negotiate withdrawal."

"We further acknowledge and support the Liberal Democrats’ call for the British people to have the final say on the Brexit deal.

"All parties need to seek a broad deal accommodating both the position of the UK government and the principles on which the European Union is built.”

This statement is a clear signal from our European friends that they want us to remain in the European Union and would welcome an exit from Brexit with open arms.

The message is clear: Brexit is not inevitable.

Polls show that there is a growing desire among the British public for a vote on the terms of the deal.

People can now be reassured that there is no desire among EU leaders to punish us if we decided to remain in the bloc.

The message is clear: Brexit is not inevitable.

Trump is expected to back down from trade sanctions on Europe - this shows the negotiating power of sticking together with EU member states.

The throwaway phrase of ‘going it alone’ is a nonsense.

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