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3 million people are still excluded from Government support this Christmas

There are still 3 million people excluded from coronavirus support at we approach Christmas. They deserve better.

By , Dec 15, 2020 4:12

It’s outrageous that nine months on from the Chancellor’s announcements on coronavirus support, there are still 3 million people excluded from Government financial help.

As we move forward, the Government risks leaving the Excluded behind

These people are slipping through the cracks. As we move forward and seek to recover from coronavirus, the Government risks leaving them behind.

This is made so much harder during the Christmas period.

After such a dreadful year, families across Britain are seeking respite in the holiday season.

Christmas should be a time of celebration, family, and togetherness. A welcome break from the terrible worries over coronavirus and the economic situation.

That’s why it’s so important that we keep putting pressure on the Government to do the right thing and extend support for the excluded.

Millions of self employed people have been left out in the cold by this Government. Rishi Sunak has had time to fix the situation, but he hasn’t taken action.

These are ordinary people trying to make ends meet. They include taxi drivers, hairdressers, cleaners, childcare providers and millions of other self-employed people.

No one expects the Government to have all the answers.

But after months of this gross injustice, what possible excuse can the Conservatives have for leaving 3 million hardworking taxpayers with no help during this pandemic?

They deserve better.

Liberal Democrats will keep fighting for the excluded.

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