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What our members think about being a member

A few weeks ago, we asked our members what they thought about being a member - and what they thought our priorities should be. And these are the results:

By Greg Foster, Mar 22, 2018 4:03

A pile of Liberal Democrat posters. Window posters mind. Not the really good ones.

A little over two weeks ago, we asked our members a question. Do you like being a member of the Lib Dems?

More than 12,000 of you replied - and this is what you had to say:


80% of you are happy being members - which is great. But we can still do better - and we'll be working hard to raise that number! We also asked you what you want to get out of your membership - and you said:


In a shocking discovery, members of the Lib Dems want to campaign for political change - and that's great news because we at HQ want to as well! Based on your feedback, we're going to work on how we can empower all of you to campaign to change British politics.

We're also going to look at how we make sure you get more frequent, useful, updates about Politics, opportunities to meet other Lib Dems and opportunities to campaign & win elections - without sending lots more emails, so stay tuned for more of that! We also asked you what you thought our priorities for the year should be - and you told us that:


Top of your list was campaigning against Brexit - which is great news and in the next few weeks, we're launching a major campaign on Brexit that we think you'll love. And if you just can't wait, make sure you're part of our National Action Weekend: libdems.org.uk/europe-day-of-action (and if you can't find an event in your area, why not host your own?)

You also want us to focus on electing more Liberal Democrats - which May's elections are a great chance to do - and we'll be in touch with how you can get involved. Even if there aren't any in your area. And last, but not least, you want us to increase our share of the national vote - and we're going to redouble our efforts to do that.

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