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The export feature allows you to create an excel or text file, which you can download for external use. You will need to export data for things like external letter printing, teleappending, or emailing. The Export tool can be accessed from the icons bar on the My List screen.

When using the export tool you can choose from a number of preset export formats. You can also create your own formats. These are useful if you want to regularly export the same columns. Once you have chosen your required format, you can export it as it is, or change the settings.


System export formats

In Connect, there are a variety of system export formats for the most frequently exported data files. Here are the ones that are readily available to you. You can also see the section below on creating your own export format.

Email Blob

The email blob creates a block of text containing all the email addresses in your list. You can then copy this to paste in to a draft email. It is not recommended that you use this for emailing large lists as the messages you send will likely be caught by Spam filters.

Email Type List

This format allows you to export email addresses to an external file. You can limit it by the date the email was entered and the source of the address. In this type of export you only get the email address. If you want full details (name, address etc) then you will need to use a Standard Text format.

Householded Mailing List

Choose whether you want one record per house or one per surname. Choose a label for multiple residents with the same surname. Choose whether you wish to include middle names. This report will create a single record for either a household or each surname in each household. In this type of export you only get the names and addresses. If you want full details (name, address etc) then you will need to use a Standard Text format.


Standard Text Format

This format exports a record for every voter in your list. You can include a wide variety of fields in your export. If you are printing letters for hand delivery, you will want to include ‘Default Walk’ and ‘Walk Manager Order’. This will allow you to print your letters in the order you have set in the Street Sorter. If you wish to use this set of fields again, you can save the format by checking the ‘Save as New Export Format’ box. This format will only produce one record per voter. It cannot be used to produce householded export files.


Managing Export Formats

You can access your export formats at any time from the Main Menu screen. You can make changes to the settings of any existing formats and delete any that you no longer require. You can also create new formats from this screen.

1. Go to the Export Formats

a. You can access your export formats from the left hand side of the Main Menu screen.

b. Under the Administrative Menu, click on Exports and then select Export Formats



2. Search your list of formats

a. Click on the name of a format to edit it.


3. Changing the settings of a format

a. You can change the settings for a saved format, including the name, file type and fields it contains.

You can delete any formats that you no longer require.



Exporting your List

1. Begin on either the My Voter or My Campaign side of the database.

a. Depending on the type of data you want to export, begin on either side of the database.


2. Create the list you want to export

a. You can create a list from scratch or go to a list you have already created by going into your folders.



3. Send the list to the Export tool

a. From the My List page, click on the Export icon.



4. Choose your Export Format

a. You can choose to export your list using an existing format (as described above) or you can customise your export.


5. Customising your Export

a. If you choose to customise your export, select the data points that you want to extract.


6. Export your list

a. Click on Export your list.


b. Your list will be available for download for 24 hours from the time you exported it.

c. You can now click on My Export Files to export the files to download the list


d. You can also access your export files from the Main Menu


e. From the Export page, click on Download File.