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Extracts from Nick Clegg's Autumn Conference speech


The Liberal Democrat Autumn Conference will draw to a close this afternoon, following Nick Clegg's keynote speech.

Here are some extracts from his speech which he is due to give at around 1pm. 

The Scottish referendum was not only momentous because it reaffirmed Scotland’s place in the UK – and for that I will be eternally grateful for the unbelievable efforts of Willie, Alistair, Danny, Jo, Mike, Charles, Ming, the whole Scottish team…

The Scottish referendum was also brilliant because it forced us to hold up a mirror and think about who we are.

Four nations, yes, but also 64 million people with identities which are distinct yet overlapping, because these Isles of ours are among the most diverse and inclusive in the world.

Within hours of the historic Scotland vote, when we were meant to be cracking on with the plan for further devolution – a plan that this party will not see hijacked, or diluted, or delayed...

They were at it again.

The Tories trying to impose an entirely self-serving system of Tory votes for English laws on the House of Commons, in order to give more say to their MPs;

Labour ignoring the problem altogether in order to give more say to their MPs.

Well you can both forget it: whatever reforms we do will be fair and right by the British people, and that will be guaranteed by our MPs.

And they still simply cannot grasp that spreading opportunity means putting people in control – in Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales, and in communities up and down England too.

We've done a lot to release Whitehall's grip: by the time the election is called next year every single part of the UK – every nation, every City, our towns and villages – will all have more power than the day the Coalition was formed – just as we said.

But I want us to go so much further, supporting strong, prosperous, independent communities – able to drive their own fates.

And to anyone who thinks that in the next parliament we should cut our losses and give up on our ambitions for real, meaningful political reform: no way.

This country deserves better than the tawdry Westminster politics we get from Labour and the Tories – and I am going to keep hammering away at the system every single day, because bit by bit that system will break to let the people in.

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