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F11: Board Reform (Standing Order Amendments)

Motion passed as amended, with option 3 selected

Proposed by: Federal Board

Mover: Jeremy Hargreaves (Vice Chair, Federal Board).

Summation: Dr Mark Pack (President of the Liberal Democrats).

Conference, noting the importance of winning elections to the party’s reason for existing, agrees to add to the list of bodies which report to conference by amending conference standing order 1.1 (b) as follows:

After ‘Federal Policy Committee’ insert ‘, Federal Communications and Elections Committee’.

Conference, believing in the importance of transparency and noting that two federal party committees are accountable or responsible to the Board but do not report directly to conference, agrees to amend conference standing order 12.2 by adding the following sentence at the end:

‘Questions to the Federal Board report may include questions about the work of the Federal Audit and Scrutiny Committee and the work of the Federal People Development Committee’.

And depending on results of votes between options in F10:


In conference standing order 1.1 (b), before ‘and Federal Conference Committee’ insert ‘Federal Scrutiny Committee’.


In conference standing order 1.1 (b), before ‘and Federal Conference Committee’ insert ‘Federal Council’.

For the text of the existing Federal Conference standing orders, see page 107 of this Conference Agenda.

Notes for F10 and F11:

Applicability: Federal.

Mover: 7 minutes; summation of motion and movers and summation of any amendments: 4 minutes; all other speakers: 3 minutes.

There will be votes taken on the options in F10 so that only one option is one is selected.

Votes taken on the options in F11 correspond to the option selected by conference in motion F10 Board Reform (constitutional amendments). If option 1 (smaller hybrid) or option 4 (status quo) in F10 are selected by conference, only lines 1–12 in motion F11 should be voted on.

For eligibility and procedure for speaking in the debates on F10 and F11, see page 9. To submit a speaker’s card go to: www.libdems.org.uk/speakers-card.

The deadline for amendments to F10 and F11 – see page 12 – and for requests for separate votes – see page 9 – is 13.00, Monday 28 February. Those selected for debate will be published in the Conference Extra and Friday Conference Daily updates to the Conference Agenda.

Constitutional and standing order amendments require a two-thirds majority to pass.

Items F10 and F11 will be debated and voted on together. The votes on all the amendments and options in F10 and F11 will be taken at the end of the combined debate, in the following order:
1. Amendment One to F10 and Amendment One to F11.
2. Amendment Two to F10.
3. Amendment Two to F11.
4. Between Option 2 and Option 3 in F10.
5. Between Option 1 in F10 and the winner of Vote 4.
6. Between Option 4 in F10 and the winner of Vote 5.
7. A vote on the whole of F10 and F11 as amended by Votes 1-6.

Votes 1-6 will be by simple majority, Vote 7 will require a two-thirds majority to pass.

The Federal Conference Committee has also been notified of a request to refer back F10; this will be dealt with in accordance with the standard procedure set out in Standing Order 11.2.

Amendment One (passed)

Proposed by: 16 members

Mover: Dr Phil Bennion.

Summation: Joyce Onstad.

In line 5, after ‘Elections Committee’, insert ‘, Federal International Relations Committee’.

Amendment Two (passed)

Proposed by: 13 members

Mover: William Barter.

Summation: to be announced.

After line 16, insert:

In conference standing order 1.3.(b), before ‘state parties’ insert ‘Federal Scrutiny Committee’.

After line 19, add:

In conference standing order 1.3.(b), before ‘state parties’ insert ‘Federal Council,’.