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F25: A Sovereign Ukraine

Motion passed by conference

Proposed by: 52 members

Mover: Layla Moran MP (Spokesperson for Foreign Affairs).

Summation: Peter Banks.

Conference notes:

  1. Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine, assisted by Belarus, is being resisted strongly by the Ukrainian people.
  2. Overwhelming international support for a sovereign Ukraine, condemnation of Russia and imposition of sanctions.
  3. The bravery of Russians expressing opposition to this war.
  4. Perception of Western disunity in recent years, exacerbated by Brexit.
  5. President Zelensky and his party “Servant of the People” joining ALDE.
  6. The inadequate UK Government response in supporting Ukrainian refugees and sanctioning Putin’s cronies.

Conference believes:

  1. Putin’s actions challenge Ukraine’s sovereignty, the rules-based international order and threaten Europe’s security.
  2. NATO membership is open to any sovereign state that meets its values and fulfils its membership criteria.
  3. Sovereign states should be free to choose their own alliances and security arrangements.
  4. War crimes must be investigated.

Conference calls on all governments to:

  1. Demand total withdrawal of Russian forces from Ukrainian territory.
  2. Impose the severest economic, financial, technical and cultural sanctions on Russia.
  3. Provide economic, military and humanitarian assistance to Ukraine.
  4. End dependence upon Russian energy, fast-track the transition to renewables and investment in energy efficiency.
  5. Create accessible routes to safety for all refugees displaced from Ukraine.

Conference further calls on NATO and its members to:

  1. Bolster its eastern flank.
  2. Raise defence spending to 2% of GDP and higher if necessary, including funding for cyber and other next generation threats.

Conference additionally calls on the UK government to:

  1. Enable refugees from Ukraine to enter the UK without having to apply for a visa.
  2. Seize the assets of shell companies owning UK property which are unable to name a credible beneficial owner.
  3. Sanction Putin’s associates, including seizing assets immediately and revoking golden visas and treat enabling of Putin’s regime or sanctions-avoidance as grounds to refuse permission to enter the UK.
  4. Rebuild British armed forces to be again capable of contributing significantly to NATO.
  5. Restore the Overseas Development Assistance budget to 0.7% of GNI.

Applicability: Federal

Emergency motion timing – mover of motion: 7 minutes; summation: 4 minutes; all other speakers: 3 minutes.

For eligibility and procedure for speaking in this debate see page 7. To submit a speaker’s card go to: www.libdems.org.uk/speakers-card.

No topical issue requests were received, and the emergency motion submissions on other subjects than Ukraine were either out of order or have been accommodated as emergency amendments to other debates already on the agenda. The Federal Conference Committee has exercised its power under Standing Order 4.4 a) to select one emergency motion among those of similar effects and has chosen the motion below for debate in this slot. There will not therefore be an emergency motions ballot.