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F26: Membership Subscription and Federal Levy

As passed by conference

Submitted by: Federal Board

Mover: Anthony Harris (Chair, Federal Finance and Resources Committee).

Summation: Neil Fawcett.

Conference notes that:

  1. The existing standard minimum membership rate of £12 has remained constant since 2010.
  2. Had the standard minimum membership rate tracked the Consumer Price Index since 2010, instead of remaining static, it would now be in excess of £15.
  3. The COVID pandemic has placed severe financial pressures on those on the lowest levels of income.
  4. It is important to reward the loyalty of existing members so as to encourage membership retention.

Conference agrees to the following for 2022:

  1. For existing members, to freeze the current membership rate of £12 (standard minimum).
  2. For new members, to increase the standard minimum membership rate to £15 (new standard minimum).
  3. To freeze the £6 minimum for those in receipt of or entitled to state benefits, and the £6 minimum for members paying via Young Liberals.
  4. To introduce an annual grant of £5,000 for Young Liberals for use in improving the access to politics for young people. Funded by, an increase of the special introductory rate for new members, paying via Young Liberals in their first year of membership, to £3.
  5. To freeze the membership rate of £72 (recommended).
  6. That nothing in this motion shall prevent a State Party from setting via their internal procedures higher recommended or minimum subscription rates or from introducing additional concessionary rates.
  7. That the Federal Levy remains at 55 per cent.

Applicability: Federal.