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The Conservatives are letting down farmers

Tim Farron responds to the latest developments on the Trade Bill, as the Government refuses to back key amendments to protect British farmers.

By Tim Farron, Jan 19, 2021 7:01

Farmers across the country are worried about their future - they’re worried that the UK will be flooded with poor quality food that undercuts the goods they produce to high environmental and animal welfare standards.

Liberal Democrats back British farmers.

The Conservatives have continually failed to protect our farmers from these risks.

These amendments would have ensured that our farmers are protected and can continue to produce high quality food for our tables. That’s why Liberal Democrats supported them.

We are already seeing the impact the Prime Minister’s Brexit deal is having on the fishing industry and by voting to reject these amendments the Conservatives have shown they are no ally to farmers either.

Liberal Democrats back British farmers and will continue to fight to protect our food standards and their livelihoods.

British farmers have a vital role to play in helping us tackle climate change and protect our natural environment, driving them out of business will be damaging for everyone.

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