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Fayzan Rehman


Fayzan Rehman is the Scottish Liberal Democrats prospective parliamentary candidate for Stirling. Raised in England, he went to university in Wales, completed a Masters degree in Scotland and is settled in Stirling along with his young family.

Fayzan is very aware that many of us have study, work, and family connections throughout our UK home nations and across Europe. He believes flexibility and freedom of movement is crucial to our modern way of life. Brexiteers and the nationalists desire to have yet another IndyRef causing borders in the English Channel or at Gretna Green will be travesties confronting our families, our jobs, local communities and our children’s futures. He believes a Liberal Democrat majority in a General Election will be a democratic mandate to cancel Brexit, move on and together to tackle more vital issues confronting our society and our planet.

Having a daughter with disabilities provides Fayzan with an insight into the challenges facing the most vulnerable. Fayzan actively supports local disability charities. He believes it is disgraceful the Tories have cut taxes for the wealthy, during times of austerity, whilst the SNP has cynically forced budget cuts onto local councils who provide vital community services. Fayzan will fight both the Tory and SNP austerity, calling for investment in our public services.

Representing constituents, Fayzan will focus on local issues. Our high streets need revitalising and we must work in unison with local communities and councillors to help achieve that. The needs of the large rural area of Stirling constituency require greater attention: roads, local bus networks, broadband, affordable housing, flood prevention and much more!

If you share with Fayzan a positive vision for the future, join him and the Liberal Democrats to Demand Better for Stirling Constituency and make these things a reality.


Email: [email protected]
Facebook: @FayzanForStirling
Instagram: @fayzan4stirling
Twitter: @Fayzan4Stirling
Website: https://stirlinglibdems.org.uk/en/

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