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Fundraising Key Principles



1 Be clear on your political ambition (to win, to increase vote share, to push UKIP into 3rd)

2 Be clear on why it matters (a challenge to Govt, a voice for Stockport, a new policy)

3 Be specific on what you need, its reach and impact (£1,000 = GOTV x 3,000 new voters)

4 Check your fundraising message is visionary, urgent and specific

5 You never know who’ll see it so put your message into all your comms.



1 People know people so pick their brains (braindump, check old lists, play the memory game to recall past supporters). The longer your list, the better your result

2 In a group list contacts - friends, colleagues, past donors who have some disposable income, say £100

3 Don’t make an ask to people who haven’t consented to receive appeals Fundraising is a project, it never just happens, people plan it and then they do it

4 Never assume someone won’t donate. Ask them and let them tell you

5 Every donor is your supporter and a part of your campaign, not an outsider 

6 People want to give, to play their part in change and success.



1 Make a written plan, share it with the team. Keep it simple: what, who, when 

2 Keep a calendar list (pipeline) of prospects and donors

3 Ask one person to chase progress.



1 Events don’t raise money, people do 

2 Your event will only raise money with the right guests and the right ask 

3 Close to an election guests will often give anyway at lower risk and effort

4 Every fundraising event must have a target. No target?  -  no fundraising.



1 Every donation is a choice. Another cause lost out on what you received, so be appreciative

2 A gift is never, ever a ‘payment.’ Treat it like a gift wrapped in paper and ribbon 

3 Words are important, so ask people to donate, gift or contribute, never tell them how to ‘pay’

4 Money gifts demonstrate the power and impact of your campaign, they’re fuel for the engine, not icing on a cake.


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