Gareth Wilson


Gareth stood against George Osborne in 2015 and has been active in local politics for many years. An Economics and Computing graduate, Gareth has helped craft Lib Dem policy nationally and has the experience and ability to be a highly effective local MP for Tatton.

He was brought up in the area and lives in Mobberley with his wife and two young children. He's the only candidate standing from 2015, proving our promise that when all the other candidates have gone Gareth will still be fighting for local services in our area.  Recent local victories include scrapping hospital parking charges in Knutsford, saving Mobberley village from disastrous over-development and championing rural fibre broadband rollout across the constituency.

Gareth’s “Tatton Manifesto” has 4 points – Fighting Theresa May’s disastrous hard brexit, stopping the devastating cuts to Cheshire’s schools, stopping the closure of essential services at Macclesfield hospital and defending Tatton’s green spaces.  Gareth and the Tatton Lib Dems are running a well-funded, energised campaign in Tatton and believe they can WIN against an unpopular Tory candidate.











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