GCSE results - government used students as guinea pigs

Students only get one chance at an education - and it's outrageous that the Government has decided to use them as Guinea Pigs.

By Layla Moran, Aug 24, 2017 11:08

A notebook open on a desk.

I hope students and their families have every reason to celebrate today.

Students, teachers and schools should be given huge credit for making the best of a very challenging situation.

A situation of the government's own making.

They have used students as guinea pigs for the new-look GCSE without sufficient preparation

Students only get one go at education, so it is not good enough for a whole cohort to be used as guinea pigs in this way.

These changes were brought in far too quickly and without adequate investment.

This is why the Liberal Democrats have called for the curriculum to be taken out of the hands of politicians and instead managed by an arms length body.

That body would work with examining boards and teachers to ensure these major changes are properly resourced and thought through.

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