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The Early Parliamentary General Election Bill has been passed by the Commons. We're ready for a General Election on the 12th December - here's how you can help us win 🗳

By Greg Foster, Oct 29, 2019 8:10

Liberal Democrats at 2018 Anti-Brexit March

The Early Parliamentary Election Bill has just passed the Commons. It's full steam ahead for an election on the 12th December.

It's likely to be the most important General Election in our lifetimes. And the Liberal Democrats are going into it as the only party that will stop Brexit on day 1.

We're ready for this. We have an ambitious plan for the future of our country, where every single person and community can thrive. But we need your help if we're going to win - and here's how you can make that happen.

1. Register to vote.

I'll register to vote

We have an ambitious plan for the future of our country, where every single person and community can thrive.

The sooner the better - it only takes 10 minutes and all you need is your address and National Insurance number. If you're not yet 18 but will be by the 12th December - you can still register!

2. Get a postal vote.

Having a postal vote means that if you're likely to be busy or away on polling day you can still have your say in our country's future. It's really easy to get one - you'll get the option to sign up for one when you register to vote, or you can get in touch with your council to request one.

3. Join us.

I'll join the party

50,000 people have joined the Liberal Democrats since the start of the year. It's a great way to show your support - and you'll get one of our lovely new membership cards, too!

4. Volunteer.

I'll volunteer

Boots on the ground win elections. We'll be championing our message in hustings, in the media and online - but there's no substitute for speaking directly to voters. Just a couple of hours a week could make a huge difference!

5. Join the Liberal Democrat Online Champions

I'll sign up 

Social media will be a key battleground in this election and we need to get our message across on it. Help us do this by joining Online Champions.

6. Donate!

Unlike the Conservatives and Labour, we don't get huge donations from big business or trade unions. We're supported by the generosity of people just like you - and anything you can give will make a difference. Just £25 could help us reach 5000 voters on social media:


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