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Governance and Reports - Autumn Conference 2016


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Governance Review

The detail of constitutional amendments is set out in the Conference Agenda, but in addition to the accompanying booklet entitled 'Towards a More Effective Party Governance' (see above), the following information is provided to help understand the changes which were voted through at Conference:

Federal Party Constitution (tracked changes version, as passed by Conference) - Download

Federal Party Constitution (clean version, as passed by Conference) - Download

An organogram of the new Federal Party structure is below:

Committee Elections

Elections to the above committees will be taking place this Autumn, with the timetable to be circulated to members at the start of October.

Below will appear descriptions and recommended experience for the various roles up for election, once nominations have opened. In the meantime, the Party Governance booklet above gives detail on what each of the committees does, and the committee election regulations, detailing everything from how many nominations you require, to what forms of campaigning can be used, can be found here.


For further clarification on anything related to the Party's governance, please contact the federal governance officer, Chris Adams at:

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