The government has done impact assessments on drains and comedy but not Brexit

This Government has done impact assessments on everything from drains to comedy. But it's done none on Brexit. This is quite literally beyond parody.

By Tim Farron, Dec 07, 2017 6:12

Palace of Westminster.

The government has carried out impact assessments on policies ranging from songs from ice cream trucks to drain standards to the use of parody in comedy yet still hasn't produced any on Brexit, Liberal Democrat research has revealed.

This is quite literally beyond parody.

These revelations come after David Davis yesterday admitted that the 58 Brexit impact assessments he claimed his department was working never existed.

It's standard procedure to produce an impact assessment when bringing in new policies, on everything from comedy to sewers.

Yet the government haven’t bothered to produce one for Brexit, an issue that will affect the future of this country for generations to come.

You couldn't make it up.

The staggering incompetence ministers are showing over Brexit shows why we must give people the choice to reject the final deal and stay in the EU.

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