Harrish Bisnauthsing

Leicester South

After arriving in England from Mauritius, Harrish (centre) studied telecommunications and marine radio and radar engineering. He then joined the Air Force where he served as a computer and radar system engineer. On leaving the Air Force he worked for some large Computer Companies and then started his own Computer Maintenance Company.

As a businessman himself Harrish supports small businesses and would like to help them to survive imminent hikes in business rates, wages, pension costs, and other cost increases caused by the falling pound.

Harrish is pleased that the Liberal Democrats are promising to put 1p on taxes across the board; so that it will raise £6billion ring fenced funding for NHS and Social Care, which will provide people in need with the support they deserve, close to home.

As a father and grandfather, Harrish has always felt strongly about having a good quality education or work-related training for all young people, not just the privileged few; as well as provision of affordable housing to enable people to take their first steps on the housing ladder.

Harrish wants to represent the people of Leicester to ensure that the needs of the communities are not ignored in Parliament. He has stood for election twice before and was lucky enough to become second in 2010.

For many years, he was also involved in organizing and over-seeing the Committees for the Ratha Yatra Festival Procession followed by the classical celebration in Cossington Park. The Colourful Ratha Yatra is now a three Chariots’ Festival and is a great success in Leicester. Harrish also organised the raising of the funds to pay off the Thoresby Street Hare Krishna Temple mortgage.

Harrish says, “Politics should be about giving people opportunities - to get a good education and work-placed training; to live in a nice home with work & leisure facilities available and to have viable access to excellent health & social care; to help people to succeed”.

Harrish will fight for our region’s shared values of freedom, fairness and equality, and to keep our community open, tolerant and united.


Email: harrish.bis41@gmail.com
Website: leicester-libdems.org.uk
Facebook: @Leicester.LibDems




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