Hina Malik

Feltham & Heston

Hina Malik is a visionary leader, community champion and an advocate for a fairer society. A devoted wife and mother of two, she embraces her cultural roots whilst moving with the times.

The first acclaimed Pakistani Female Aeronautical Engineer, Hina has worked for both the Civil Aviation Authority and British Airways. Through her work as a primary school teacher, she is also an advocate for quality education and has been actively involved in developing education policy for the Liberal Democrats.

Such is her passion for female empowerment and challenging the norm, she runs her own social organisation, Voice of Women (VOWS). As well as VOWs, she is an ambassador for Save the Children UK and Cancer Research UK campaigning for major changes that benefit the less fortunate.

Currently she is campaigning to align the rights of Islamic women with legal rights in countries where women are underrepresented and culturally disadvantaged. This VOWS project will set landmark trends in motion and will see her working with senior clergy and political figureheads at local and international levels.

Hina joined the Liberal Democrats because of their internationalist vision and the fact they seek to deliver change on issues of importance to her, such as reducing youth crime, increasing gender diversity and empowering ethnic minorities.

Within the Liberal Democrats, she is active locally and nationally: she is on the executive committees for the local parties in Brent and Hounslow and works with the Liberal Democrat Education Association and the Ethnic Minority Liberal Democrats.

In February 2016, Hina stood as a candidate in a local council by-election in Hounslow, beating UKIP into fourth place with an 11.4% swing. A dedicated campaigner, Hina was actively involved in Sarah Olney’s victorious Richmond By-Election, Caroline Pidgeon’s London Mayoral campaign and supported both Simon Hughes and Vince Cable in the 2015 election.

As your MP, Hina will work hard to promote and celebrate cultural diversity, equality and social justice within our local, national and international communities.




Website: https://www.facebook.com/hinamaliklibdem/
Twitter: @hinamalik85

07958 277991



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