Hugh Lanham

Norwich North

Hugh has experience both of careful rules based regulatory work and of being an entrepreneur. The Chartered Accountant practice he created gave him insight into many businesses and charities including social housing and financial services.

He lives near Fakenham where he and his wife run a smallholding producing most of their own food. They built their own house there. Hobbies include singing (baritone), playing the flute and woodturning.

He is standing at this election because he is cross.

Cross about Brexit
He sees real fear and uncertainty in people affected by Brexit whether working or selling their goods and services throughout the Union. Their prospects are just ripped from them by an unknown future. He sees real costs from devaluation, inflation and a slowdown. Most of all, he sees few benefits for anyone. There is no £350m for the NHS and, apart from ‘sovereignty’ which means we have all the same laws but with a picture of a crown on top, one of the most significant immediate changes is a bill of £100bn.

Cross about our environment
Air quality is putting people's health at risk. Rather than address serious air pollution problems urgently the Tories tried to defer the issue. Europe funded many of our environmental programmes which are now at risk.

Cross about the risks to our NHS and the underinvestment in Care
For years we have known we would have to pay more to support an aging population and more expensive care. We must fund it. Thank goodness the LibDems are prepared to address this with an increase in Income Tax.



Facebook: @NorwichNorthLibDems
Twitter: @HughinNorfolk




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