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In case you missed it - 1st September 2017

Catch up on the all the latest from your Liberal Democrat team, just in case you missed it.

By Greg Foster, Sep 01, 2017 11:09

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It's been another busy week for you Liberal Democrat MPs and campaigners. This is what we've been up to just in case you missed it...

Saturday 26th August

As a new report shows that Brexit will create thousands of new jobs, in Germany, Tom Brake points out that this is yet another humiliation for Boris Johnson.

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Sunday 27th August

On Sunday, the Labour party claimed it was making a dramatic shift on the single market - but it was nonsense. Every time it mattered, they've backed Theresa May on taking us out of the single market and they're still only backing membership during a transitional period. It's, frankly, weapons grade nonsense.

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And Vince took the Labour party to task over it.

Monday 28th August

It's time for Theresa May to FINALLY guarantee EU Citizens #RightToStay and we used the Bank Holiday to call for it again.

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Tuesday 29th August

Tom Brake calls on the Government to come clean on their dodgy deal with Nissan.

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Wednesday 30th August

Layla Moran takes public schools to task after the exam cheating row. (Warning, this article is behind the Times Paywall.)

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Vince Cable calls out Liam Fox and the Government's Brexit strategy as "defying all logic"

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Thursday 31st August

In Vince's latest column for City AM he warns that the City’s future depends on staying in the Single Market.

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