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In case you missed it

Your round up of all the latest news, views and updates from the Liberal Democrats.

By Robin Rea, Aug 19, 2017 11:08

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It's been another busy week for Lib Dem MPs and campaigners. Here's what we've been up to, in case you missed it...

Saturday 12th August

Government release figures claiming that exports of sunglasses, swimwear, flip-flops, card games and ice cream means Brexit will be a success.

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Sunday 13th August

Vince Cable on Westminster Hour - if you oppose an extreme, hard Brexit, work with us to stop it.

I want an exit from Brexit Join the Liberal Democrats

Monday 14th August

Lib Dem Justice Spokesperson Jonathan Marks backs calls for urgent action to address the backlog of people serving prison sentences with no fixed release date.

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Tuesday 15th August

Vince Cable calls on the Government to withdraw Donald Trump's invitation for an official state visit.

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Wednesday 16th August

Vince tells us about very good cake.

While Brexit Secretary David Davis has some questions to answer on future customs arrangements.

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Thursday 17th August

Layla Moran wishes students receiving their A Level results all the best.

Norman Lamb calls on the Government to recommit to closing mixed-sex wards, instead of turning a blind eye.

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Lib Dem Sally-Anne Jarvis wins a by-election in Southcourt ward, Aylesbury Vale. Lib Dem vote is up in Peterborough and Aylesbury Riverside.

Friday 18th August

Vince Cable hits out at the Government's environmental irresponsibility in selling off the Green Investment Bank

Read the article I want action on Climate Change

Vince pays tribute to Bruce Forsyth, who has died aged 89.

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