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In case you missed it - 22nd September 2017

Climate change, our new video and all the news from the Liberal Democrats' Autumn Conference

By Robin Rea, Sep 22, 2017 2:09

Diamond posters with text 'Liberal Democrats: Open, Tolerant and United

This week Liberal Democrats gathered in Bournemouth for our Autumn conference. Here's what we got up to, in case you missed it...

Saturday 16th September

Lib Dem members voted for new policy on climate change

Join the campaign: Fight climate change

Watch our conference rally with Vince Cable, Jo Swinson and more...

Catch up on all the news from conference

Sunday 17th September

Norman Lamb takes Boris Johnson to task over his repetition of £350m NHS myth

Read more

Monday 18th September

Tom Brake calls on the Government to come clean on their dodgy deal with Nissan.

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Tuesday 19th September

Vince Cable gave his speech to the Liberal Democrat conference

Read the highlights

Wednesday 20th September

We launched our new video. Like the hat?

Add your name: Exit from Brexit

Thursday 21st September

Brexit is hitting the NHS hard as EU workers leave the UK

Read the article

Friday 22nd September

Labour and the Conservatives just want to delay the pain of Brexit. The Lib Dems want to give you the chance for an exit from Brexit.

Add your name: Exit from Brexit

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