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Immigration figures show chaos and confusion over Brexit

The latest immigration figures reveal that Brexit is causing absolute chaos and confusion - and an exodus of EU Citizens:

By @eddaveykands, Feb 22, 2018 12:02

A sign pointing to passport control, with people climbing a flight of stairs in the background.

Immigration figures announced today show that 47,000 fewer EU nationals came to live in the UK, and that 28,000 EU nationals departed our shores, between the period of September 2016 to September 2017.

This continued chaos and confusion over Brexit coming from the Government is damaging our economy and our communities.

EU nationals who have made Britain their home are leaving and talented individuals from the EU are clearly looking elsewhere to study, work or invest.
The Government should hang its head in shame for overseeing this Brexodus which will no doubt leave us poorer.

The British public has made it clear that it wants EU citizens who have made the UK their home to stay. The Liberal Democrats are clear that we value them and their contribution.

It is now time that Theresa May and her Ministers guaranteed their rights and put an end to this uncertainty.

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