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Internal Elections FAQ's

Frequently asked questions for the 2016 round of internal elections.

We will post new questions that deal with later stages as the election timetable progresses.

These FAQs are guidance and not s substitute for the Election Rules.

What is the election timetable?


The Federal Board Elections to the positions and committees as listed in Federal Board Standing Order 13 will be conducted to the following timetable.

Close of Nominations Noon, 31st January 2017
Manifesto Deadline Noon, 31st January 2017
Ballot Opens 5pm, 31st January 2017
Ballot Closes Noon, 6th February 2017
Count of Ballots 6th February 2017

When is the close of nominations for the Federal Elections?


Nominations and manifestos must be received no later than 12 noon on Tuesday 31st January 2017.

Nomination papers can be sent in by email to

Nomination papers can also be sent in the post to: 

The Returning Officer (Federal)
Liberal Democrats, LDHQ
8-10 Great George Street

How many committees / positions can I stand for?


In this round of elections there is no specified limit on the number of positions or committees any member can stand for.

Is positive action being used in this round of elections?


The Equality Act 2010 permits positive action (sections 158 and 159).

“Positive action” means steps that can be taken to address the different needs or past track record of disadvantage or low participation of people who share a particular protected characteristic.

Positive action is not the same as “positive discrimination” or “affirmative action” which the Act does not permit.

Taking positive action is voluntary. By way of example, if the Party reasonably thinks that women suffer a disadvantage because of their sex, or their participation in an activity (for example sitting on Party Committees) is disproportionately low, the Party is permitted to take action with the aim of enabling or encouraging women to overcome or minimise that disadvantage or participate in Party Committees.

This round of elections is not subject to the provisions of Article 2.6 of the Federal Constitution as there are no committees which ten or more individuals are being elected to. Nonetheless, Article 2.5 does apply, and as such the 40% quota for both men and women shall be applied to the election of the FPDC and the FFRC.

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