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Liberal Democrat peers help defeat Government again on law-breaking Brexit Bill

We must fight Boris Johnson’s efforts to drag the country's reputation through the mud by breaking international law.

By Liberal Democrats, Nov 10, 2020 1:11

Yesterday, Liberal Democrat peers voted to remove the illegal aspects of the Government's 'Brexit Bill', due to the fact that it would break international law.

We urge the Government to do the right thing and accept these changes to the Bill.

The Internal Market Bill will now return to the Commons, where we urge the Government to do the right thing and accept these changes.

Not only does this Bill reveal just how little regard Boris Johnson and his Ministers have for the rule of the law, but it shows how the Government will happily drag the country's reputation through the mud in their ideological pursuit of Brexit.

Instead of working to weaken the union of our four nations and landing the UK in the bottom of the pecking order with the US in Europe, Boris Johnson should start putting the nation first.

It's our duty to stand up to protect the rule of law.

With our country already facing the biggest economic and health crisis in generations, he must change course in his disastrous negotiating strategy with the EU and respect the the rule of law.

How can Ministers seriously condemn other countries, like Russia and China, for failing to respect international treaties if they don’t do the same when it comes to the Withdrawal Agreement?

At every step of the Brexit process, Liberal Democrats were clear in our pro-EU position. We’ll never turn our back on our pro-European values because we are so much better off standing together than we could ever be alone.

That is why our duty now is to stand up to protect the rule of law. Voting to remove the illegal clauses from the Brexit Bill lies at the very heart of that fight.

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