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Intro to Google Analytics

This is an introductory guide to Google Analytics and some of it's useful functions.


What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a free service that shows you the traffic to your website, where that traffic has come from, and helps you track some key actions on your site.


How can we use Google Analytics?

The best way for us to use Google Analytics is to see the actions people take on our site and where they originated. If we can know what actions produce the most volunteer signups, what produces the most donations, and what produces the most social shares, then we can do more of that stuff.


How do I get Google Analytics?

Every site that goes live (via the Digital team) will have their Analytics installed by the Digital team. Just email the team at [email protected] with the domain you want access for, and the email addresses you want access given for. 

Please note that the email addresses need to be associated with a Google Account so access can be given. You can create an account here.


How do I sign in to Google Analytics?

Once you have been given access, just visit www.google.com/analytics/ and sign in.

Sign up or log in using: or

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