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Jamie Scott

Birmingham Northfield

Jamie was born and bred in Birmingham. He loves this city and wants the best for it. Jamie still lives and works here, as a criminal barrister.

Jamie’s mother teaches at a Catholic primary school in Northfield. He understands the value of a good education and excellent teachers like her. That is why Jamie is placing children at the heart of this General Election campaign. It is not just about protecting the pupil premium and ensuring even the most disadvantaged children can enjoy a great education; it is also about making sure parents can access affordable childcare so that no one has to choose between being a good mother and making the most of their career.

Jamie is tired of us Brummies being patronised by a London elite. Boris Johnson was happy as mayor of London to insist billions be invested into southern projects like Crossrail – but now his government is trying to scrap HS2. This is the most important infrastructure project for Birmingham in decades. We must protect it. Our national economy has been rigged towards the south-east for too long precisely because it enjoys all of the spoils of public investment.

Northfield understands better than anywhere how Birmingham was the UK’s “Motor City”. We are still the manufacturing centre of this country. That is why Brexit would be so damaging to the West Midlands in particular. Both Johnson and the silent Brexiteer Jeremy Corbyn want to rip us out of the seamless economic relationship we currently enjoy with the EU. We cannot let that happen. We need to stop Brexit.

In his spare time, Jamie plays tennis well, golf badly and cricket worse still. He is a proud Wolverhampton Wanderers supporter.

Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @JCScott4

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