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John Vincent

South East - 10

John came to liberalism in the mid-1980s. It’s been his political home ever since. Paddy Ashdown inspired him on that path. His political skills and experience have been tested over the decades. Mostly fighting against Conservatives in South East England, he did once fight Labour in Crawley in 2010.

John can speak with first-hand experience of working with the European Commission on creating new legislation. He’s a former Deputy Director of an EU Agency. John know how the European system works from the inside.
The South East England has a great number of international engineering businesses, including many aerospace and defence companies. These he knows well having work in that sector since 1976.

After 11 years in Cologne, Germany, John returned to the UK in early 2016. Just in time to campaign to stay IN the European Union during the referendum. That included being on the streets in the Uxbridge constituency with students from Brunel University.
John has been a Westminster Parliamentary Candidate 5 times. He fought the 2017 General Election in Surrey. Since the referendum, he’s been on public platforms arguing with Phil Hammond, Kwasi Kwarteng, Crispin Blunt, Diane James and numerous local candidates from all Parties, in church halls, schools, colleges and universities.

John’s special interests are in agriculture, defence, science, space, industry, environment and transport. He believes strongly that any loss of collaboration between British and European researchers is a global scale disaster. The evidence of benefit of European investment in research and innovation is unquestionable. In this, for example; tacking climate change no one alone Nation can succeed.


Twitter: @John Vincent

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