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Labour should listen to our NHS doctors

The only way to protect the NHS is to stop Brexit

By Liberal Democrats, Oct 24, 2019 11:10

The NHS is in crisis, but Labour care more about theoretical restructures than listening to doctors and nurses about what it really needs: funding for front line-services, not another reorganisation. 

Yesterday, Labour's Shadow Health Secretary, Jonathon Ashworth tabled an amendment to the Queen's speech calling for the Health and Social Care Act 2012 to be repealed. We refused to back it, and it lost.

Make no mistake: this dangerous amendment was driven by empty ideology, just like Labour's stance on Brexit. The disruption the amendment would have caused would have been catastrophic for the NHS. Most importantly, the NHS did not want it. 

As we all know, the NHS is dependant on the hard work and dedication of staff from countries across the EU, and the unnecessary chaos Brexit is causes is taking vital focus and resources away from improving our public services. 

We're clear: the only way to save the NHS is to stop Brexit.

Labour's NHS amendment is just a taste of what could happen to the NHS in the hands of the Labour government, who value ideology over the voices of NHS staff.

Instead, Sarah Woollaston MP, Chair of the Health and Social Care Committee pointed out that politicians should listen to NHS staff to hear how the current system can be approved, rather causing chaos by tearing the NHS apart:

She highlighted that Labour's amendment completely ignores the extremely hard work that staff from across the NHS have put in to create a set of expert recommendations to Parliament on what would actually improve the service:

This is why we would prioritise spending for vital front-line services, not another reorganisation. As the original pioneers of the health service, Liberals have always made providing health care for all a top priority. Let's work with the NHS, not against it. 

But first of all, we must stop Brexit. This is the only way to save the NHS.

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