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7 MPs just left Labour

A group of Labour MPs have just left and formed an independent group. It's an incredibly brave decision and a indictment of the state of the Labour Party.

By , Feb 18, 2019 11:02

Vince Cable in Twickenham

Today 7 Labour MPs have left their party to become Independents.

It's not unexpected, or unwelcome. In part, they've been pushed to this by Jeremy Corbyn's refusal to respect his party’s policy on Brexit.

We've always been strong proponents of working across parliamentary lines. This is no exception. We're open to working with the new Independent Group and any other like-minded individuals to give the people the final say on Brexit. We'll be engaging in talks to progress on that and a wider political agenda.

It's never easy to walk away from a movement you formerly believed in. The breakaway MPs are right; Labour and the Conservatives aren't fit for purpose. Politics is broken - that's why we're reinventing our party to be more open, outward looking and to demand better for Britain. We welcome and applaud the Independent Group's bravery and hope that other MPs will follow them.

We need to keep the pressure on the Government, though. There's only one way out of the national embarrassment that is Brexit - a people's vote.

Will you join the 240,000 others who've signed our petition calling for an exit from Brexit?

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