Leadership candidates unite to launch campaign to protect Human Rights Act

The Liberal Democrat leadership candidates Tim Farron and Norman Lamb have joined forces to launch the party's campaign to protect the Human Rights Act.


It is expected that the Conservatives will announce plans to scrap the Human Rights Act in wednesday's Queen's Speech.


Liberal Democrats blocked Tory plans to weaken our human rights obligations in Government and we will continue to fight to stop them in Opposition.


The pair have put aside their leadership bids to speak up for legislation that has:

  • Stopped the state spying on us, supported peaceful protest and protected soldiers.
  • Helped rape victims, defended domestic violence victims and guarded against slavery.
  • Supported those in care, shielded press freedom and provided answers for grieving families.
  • Preserved our right to a fair trial, prevented indiscriminate stop-and-search and protected minorities.

The Conservatives don’t care about the rights of people in this country – they only appear to care about satisfying their right wing.  The Human Rights Act reflects British values – the same values that would be threatened by scrapping it.

The Human Rights Act exists to protect our basic human rights, regardless of gender, race, religion or background. 

Back our campaign to protect the Human Rights Act here.

Liberal Democrat MP Norman Lamb said:

“Our human rights laws have already achieved so much and we must not let the Tories trample all over them.

“They have stopped the state spying on us, supported peaceful protest and guarded against slavery. They have helped rape victims, defended domestic violence victims and shielded press freedom.

“The Liberal Democrats blocked David Cameron from scrapping the Human Rights Act in Government and we must stop him again now.

“That is why we are urging everyone to get behind our campaign to stop the Tories riding roughshod over our freedoms and rights.”

Liberal Democrat MP Tim Farron said:

“By drawing up plans to scrap the Human Rights Act and laying the groundwork to pull out of the European Convention on Human Rights – the Tories are revealing their true colours.

“It sends a clear message to the British people: the next five years will be nastier, less liberal and less compassionate that any Government in living memory.

“These are fundamental rights we all have and they define how we treat our citizens and offer our citizens protection from the state.

“They are the legacy of Winston Churchill and seeing the Tories trashing his legacy, I am in no doubt that today he would once again be a Liberal.

“We blocked them before and we must do all we can to block them again.”



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