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Standing up for LGBT rights in Poland

Liberal Democrats will work to protect our LGBTQ+ allies in the UK, in Poland and around the world.

By Layla Moran, Mar 11, 2021 10:03

Pride flag.
▲ Image: Benson Kua

Recent events in Poland should concern the whole international community. Labelling LGBTQ+ as an ‘ideology’ and suppressing LGBTQ+ people is outrageous and Liberal Democrats will not stand for it.

That’s why, in partnership with human rights campaigners in Poland, the Liberal Democrats have launched a new campaign to “protect our twins”. We’re asking local councils twinned with towns in Poland to enter a period of engagement to reflect the need for education and humanity in the face of the 100+ “LGBT ideology-free” zones created so far in Poland.

As part of the campaign, UK councils paired with Polish towns are being asked to pass motions to begin a formal period of diplomacy. Many twinning relationships date back generations and signify deep cultural ties.

For regions that have enacted these zones, we will ask to end them. For regions considering creating hate zones, we will ask them to stop. For regions that have rejected the hate zones, we will thank them for upholding the human rights of the global LGBT community. 

Liberal Democrats are leading the “protect our twins” charge to make sure communities cannot be put under threat, people are not discriminated against and human rights are free from attack. 

This is a crucially important moment to take action against the systematic discrimination of minorities in Poland and promote European values to our friends and neighbours, and set an example here in the UK. 

As European liberals, we still have such an important role to play here and this initiative is one of the best ways to show our values, stand up for a community that is being discriminated against and set an example for human rights beyond our borders. Liberal Democrats will work to protect our LGBTQ+ allies in the UK, in Poland and around the world. Join the campaign. 

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