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Huge Government defeat in the House of Lords over EU Citizens #RightToStay

Last night, Liberal Democrats in the Lords spearheads a government defeat on an amendment that would ensure EU citizens have the Right to Stay after Brexit. Find out what happens next.

By Liberal Democrats Lords Mar 02, 2017 10

Last night in a key vote in the Lords on EU Citizens #RightToStay, the government was defeated by 358 to 256

The vote saw the second highest ever turnout in the House of Lords and 93 Liberal Democrat Lords spearheaded the effort to pass the amendment.

Why does #RightToStay matter?

Right now, EU citizens who live in the U.K. are living in fear - since the referendum, the Government has repeatedly threatened to use them as "bargaining chips" in negotiations with the EU.

Those who've applied for permanent right to Stay have faced a bewildering array of obstacles and the refusal rate is as high as 27%.

People who've made their lives here, lived here for decades, paid their taxes and been upstanding citizens are being told they aren't wanted for petty bureaucratic reasons.

It's not good enough.

EU Citizens who've made their lives here should have the Right to Stay - and the idea that their lives are just pawns in the negotiations is appalling.

What happens next?

The Lords will continue voting on amendments to the Article 50 bill for a few more days and, assuming it passes, which given the Labour Leadership's stance on this bill so far, it seems likely to, it will then go back to the Commons and have to be agreed by both houses.

This is where the tricky part is, the Government then has the chance to accept, throw out or reject the amendment and if the Commons votes to back the Government, the bill will return to the Lords and a process of Parliamentary ping-pong begins.

The Government have already said they will attempt to reject the amendment - so there's still a lot of work to do to guarantee EU Citizens #RightToStay.

If you want to help make sure MPs vote the right way when ping pong starts in two weeks time, then please join our campaign to give EU Citizens the #RightToStay:

Join our campaign to guarantee EU Citizens #RighttoStay - add your name today:

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